Build Cloud Native Applications in Matter of minutes

Engineering, operating and evolving cloud-native applications is complex. You spend about 70% of your investment in engineering and 30% on your real product. TipoTapp has out of the box support for multi-tenancy allowing each tenant to customize according to their own needs. Extendable business logic via cloud functions. Instant API for every piece of data modelled on the platform, to seamlessly connect your product with other applications. Out of the box user interface that adheres to all the security restrictions with no additional configuration or code.

Instant Access on Serverless elastic cloud

Applications built on TipoTapp uses state of the art serverless computing architecture with the ability to grow elastically in the cloud on-demand. As soon as the application is modelled, it is instantly accessible without any deployments. Applications built on TipoTapp can service millions of customers and are very economical to both you and your application customers.

BYO AWS account for Data Storage & Cloud Functions

With TipoTapp you have complete control over your database and your business logic. With the ability to bring your own AWS account, TipoTapp platform writes data directly in your AWS DynamoDB and your functionality can safely be encapsulated into your own AWS Lambda functions. You don't have to worry about exposing your code to someone else, after all that is your Intellectual Property.