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Our app experts are standing by to walk you through the program. We can help you get started or even build your new application for you if you’re not ready to do it on your own.

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Invite User
Form Validation
Guided Input Patterns
Auto fill address
Auto Fill JS Expression
Rich Text Editor
Own App logo
Own Favicon
App theme
File Upload
SSL Security
Data Isolation
iOS/Android App
Video Support
Visibility Expression
Quick Filters
Event Support
Custom Actions
Push Notification
Cloud Sync

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help in building my application?

TipoTapp is a platform that allows you to build on your own. However, if you feel you need help in building the application, surely we will be able to assist you or even get you in touch with our partners who could assist you. We strongly recommend you start your subscription, copy a sample that is close to your requirement and modify according to your needs. Then you'd be able better engage us or our parnter.

Can I upload existing data into the app?

Yes. You just have to export data from your existing system or your excel spreadsheets into a CSV. And one of our customer success officer will be able to do the magic to load your data into your app. We recommend that you create your app first with all the necessary fields to meet your requirements and then supply your data in CSV.

What skill level is required to use TipoTapp?

You don't need to be a tech expert to use TipoTapp. As long as you can visualise your business requirements in the form of business data, you can follow our intuitive interface to get an application up and running. There will be some learning curve to understand how various needs for your application can be met by the platform. You can always chat with us, once you have completed subscription.

How do I get access to 'Enterprise' plans?

Enterprise plans offer you advanced capabilities. If you have complex application requirements that require advanced capabilities, get in touch with us via Chat after signing up. We will be able to give you a detailed demo and a trial access to the enterprise plan with complete advanced features on TipoTapp.